What The Vets Think.

What Can We Say, The Vets Love It Too!

As hard as it is to find a vet clinic that is not getting paid to push big corporations’ products on you, we have found them.
We have a great network of holistic vets all round the world that stock our Kingly Pet, deer antler velvet product, and they are as excited as we are.

And like at Kingly Pet, we have informed all of our vets to offer a 100% money back guarantee on our product. Like us, they believe that deer antler velvet is the most effective, all natural canine health supplement on the market today!

We have customers that were paying $100-200 per month for synthetic products from their local vet, products that are not only hugely over priced, but are also very bad for their dog. Once they tried our product they have never looked back and their dogs have never felt better.

Most of our clients have tried conventional, synthetic products on their dog before trying Kingly Pet. Chris Hickman had been visiting his vet once a week for 2 months before being introduced to Kingly Pet, here is what he says ’ “We have a 1yr old Dogue de Bordeaux, she is 46kg and has arthritis and elbow dysplasia. She was limping badly and found it hard to get around. For two months we had tried a number of different, expensive, vet subscribed products with no results, but since we started her on the Kingly Pet she has improved so much she no longer limps and is full of energy! It has given her normal life back! We advise anyone thinking about buying this supplement to do it!!!“

Next time you visit your vet, ask them what 100% natural, renewable alternative they are offering to the synthetic products they offer you now. Don’t leave your dog exposed to anything other than an all natural and safe canine health product that works!

Now you can use the experience of vets all round the world and take advantage of the most natural canine health supplement on the market today!

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