The Kingly Pet Couple

Kingly Pet ’ The Couple Behind The Brand

James and Kim started Kingly Pet mid 2012 after the launch of its sister company Kingly Velvet. Post Kingly Velvet and after a bit of research and some field trials, James and Kim knew it was the next step.

“We had trialled deer velvet on our dog Mac who has hip dysplasia and is slowing down with old age. We had re-homed poor old Mac 17kg overweight and in need for a good run..... It took time and effort, but we slowly got Mac’s weight down to where he needed to be, unfortunately during this time we knew that weight alone was not enough and had confirmed he was suffer from hip dysplasia. We knew a few things had to change, but didn’t know deer velvet would become one of these key changes for him........This product changed his life, it was that simple“ James says.

James had spent the first 16 years growing up on a deer farm in Oxford, New Zealand and always knew there was something special ’ “I recall at a young age walking out the paddocks and admiring these majestic animals. It was not until I was a bit older that I really started to understand just how amazing they were.“  Says James

Kingly Pet, like Kingly velvet, is one of the most natural supplements in the world, as deer are the only mammals in the world that can repeatedly grow an appendage ’ making the products completely renewable. The deer grow new antlers each year at the start of mating season and cast them at the end - then do it again the following year.
“It is amazing the reaction you get when you tell someone you sell deer velvet ’ “You kill the deer for their velvet, really?“ ’ And even better when you tell them the whole story ’ “That is amazing“. This is an education of sorts and will take some time......“ Kim says.

Kingly Pet is a young company, but the future seems bright ’ “We love what we do, we love getting up in the morning and reading an email from a happy client. We know how much people love their dogs, so when we read that our product has changed the life of a dog, we know that we have changed the life of its family too....... Our goal is to provide a cost effective alternative to synthetic canine health supplements and give dog owners the choice. We don’t have the budget of the big corporations, but we believe in our product and that is important!“ says James.

Just as we finished up the interview with James and Kim they received another email from a happy customer ’
“Hi there James,

I just wanted to let you know that my 11 year old boxer, Cassie is doing awesome... Her back legs are no longer stiff when she gets up... I am so happy that she is not suffering anymore, it's like a different dog.

Thank you so much.

“These emails are what make us the happiest and keeps us going. Over the two deer velvet companies we have received so many amazing emails telling us how our product has changed someone’s life ’ this is the best part for us!“ Says Kim with a smile.

Take a look round the site and see for yourself just how great this product really is.....