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New Zealand deer velvet has helped my dogs endure the long racing season with fewer injuries and strong performances. We were so impressed with the results on the dogs that we started taking the human formula ourselves.
Dori Hollingsworth, World Champion Sled Dog Racer
I put my oldest dog Bree onto deer antler velvet; she had been out of competition for 3 months due to injury, after just two weeks on the deer velvet she improved greatly and returned to the competition ring. At one of her first events back competing, she managed to win the first ever Jumpers A (top grade) Challenge Certificate given out in New Zealand, plus came second in Jumpers A2 and 3rd in both Intermediate and Senior.
Chelsea Marriner, 2010 IFCS World Agility Cup Champion
Our Labrador puppy developed DJD at the age of 10 months and was so bad he could not climb the stairs in our house any more. After only 2 weeks on the Deer Velvet tablets he was back to his usual self, bounding all over the house and garden again.
Rose Wyeth, Christchurch, New Zealand
For the past 10 years Keisha, our Keeshound always got excited at the prospect of her evening walk. However at the start of this winter she chose to lie in her basket rather than go for a walk, due to stiffening of her hind-quarters. Within three weeks of taking the Deer velvet tablets, Keisha was back waiting at the door in anticipation of her walk, she appears to have made an amazing improvement to her mobility and happiness and she loves her little tablet each morning“.
Jennifer Brandt, Otago, New Zealand.
Hi there James, I just wanted to let you know that my 11 year old boxer, Cassie is doing awesome... Her back legs are no longer stiff when she gets up... I am so happy that she is not suffering anymore, it's like a different dog. Thank you so much. Karen
Karen Hall, Florida, United States.
One very happy owner reports that their 13 year old Labrador which had osteoarthritis, and had developed a bad attitude (possibly due to constant pain) and who had been treated with NSAIDS for 7 months, following administration of daily Deer velvet supplement quote “Within 14 days he was moving like a pup, playful and demanding his walks, and his bad attitude had improved markedly"
Jacqui Pipe, South Canterbury, New Zealand.
When we took our German Shepherd puppy Czar to the Vet for his 6 month vaccination, he could not believe that our puppy was from the same litter as the others that he had just vaccinated, ours was so much more alert, bigger and in his opinion better developed than the others. We had been giving him the puppy deer velvet tablet formula for just 3 months
Dan Jackson, Wellington, New Zealand
My 14 1/2 year old mini schnauzer, Kippi, was recently diagnosed with arthritis. Her hind legs had been slipping out from under her and getting up and down seemed to pain her. I'd heard of Kingly Pet from a relative of our old groomer and decided to give it a try. After being on it for a month the change was drastic and noticeable. Kippi is getting around much better again. The arthritis doesn't seem to be causing as many issues. Thanks for creating a quality product to help our furry little family members! :)
Sherry Higgins, Florida, United States
We have a 1yr old Dogue de Bordeaux, she is 46kg and has arthritis and elbow dysplasia. She was limping badly and found it hard to get around. For two months we had tried a number of different, expensive, vet subscribed products with no results, but since we started her on the Kingly Pet she has improved so much she no longer limps and is full of energy! It has given her normal life back! We advise anyone thinking about buying this supplement to do it!!!
Chris Hickman, Queensland, Australia
I recently adopted Tinkerbell, a 3 month old miniature foxy from the local animal shelter. I was only there to donate food when Tinker stole my heart. Her front left elbow/leg had been broken shortly after birth and never treated. She limped and we were told by the vet that her leg many need amputating. My daughter told me about a joint supplement she was taking and that they also sold a pet range. She had had success and suggested I try it for Tinker. After a week I noticed her limp subsiding, then after a month I didn't notice her limping at all. When I took Tinker in for her check up 2 months after starting Kingly Pet, the vet thought I had bought in another dog! She has developed strong muscles that support her elbow and the vet was surprised to be telling me that Tinker will have no ongoing issues and has made a miraculous recovery.
Robin Gill, Gold Coast, Australia
My 6 year old golden retriever partially tore his cruciate ligament. Instead of operating a friend recommend I use Kingly Pet Deer Velvet Tablets to help aid in his recovery. Along with massage / chiropractic visits Bailey made a remarkable recovery no doubt thanks to this wonderful product. The vets were delighted with his recovery. He no longer gets up limping and is back to a normal active life. I highly recommend Kingly Pet products and the people are extremely helpful and a delight to deal with. This product will always be part of my dogs daily supplement.
Tracey Kategiannis ’ Melbourne Australia
Hi James, I have just re-ordered your Deer Velvet. Just to let you know that I can report that Kaiser has improved immensely now. He is more active, bouncing around, wanting to play and thoroughly enjoying himself. He will be 11 in May, and I am just so happy to see his quality of life improving so much. I can't bear seeing dogs in pain, so I'm really thrilled for him and I want to thank you for your wonderful product. kind regards, Marlene
Marlene Hunter ’ South Australia

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