Kingly Pet 120s




Kingly Pet 120’s offer a month supply for the larger dogs out there, or a two month supply for the smaller dog.
We have broken down the weight as follows:
Up to 20kg (45 lbs) - 2 Tablets daily
21 to 36kg (46 to 80 lbs) - 3 Tablets daily
37kg (80 lbs) and over 4 Tablets daily

Our two products, 60’s and 120’s, both contain the same amazing ingredients.
These include:
Bio Active Deer Velvet - 510mg 
Ginseng - 20mg

Bio Active Deer Velvet – Assist with canine hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint inflammation, blood circulation and muscle recovery. Deer velvet has over 390 naturally forming ingredients and is the only natural, renewable source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the world!

Ginseng - Is used as an adaptogen (a supplement that increases the body's resistance to stress)

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Based on the above Kingly Pet has offered two bottle sizes, 60’s and 120’s. This allows the larger dog owner to buy a month supply with 120’s and the smaller dog owner to buy the 120’s as a two month supply.
96% of our customers say they see positive results in their pet after only 10 days!
And we are so confident in our product that we offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, so now you can buy with the same confidence we have.

Our products are 100% natural, tasty, easily digestible and palatable tablets. Gone are days of trying to hide synthetic pills in your dogs food, or using a syringe to administer their health supplement. Your dog will love the taste of Kingly Pet, and you will love the results!

We know Kingly Pet deer antler velvet products will change your pets’ life and help you sleep easier knowing your dog is getting the most natural canine health supplement in the world today.

With our 100% money back guarantee we are taking away any concerns about buying Kingly Pet. It is as easy as this, if you don’t see results we will give you your money back!
Now if that isn’t an incentive to offer your pet the most natural canine health supplement in the world, then I don’t know what is.

Kingly Pet 60's