What is hip dysplasia in dogs?

A Few Hip Dysplasia Facts

Hip dysplasia in dogs is when the hip joint fails to develop normally during the early months of life, causing deterioration of the joint and eventually loss of function. Alternatively deterioration can occur later in life as a result of arthritis or osteoarthritis. This disease is unfortunately common in larger breeds of dogs, influenced by their genetics but also their environmental factors. We as owners cannot change our dog’s genetics, however we do have the power to control how they live their lives and therefore minimise the factors that influence the onset of hip dysplasia.

So what factors influence the onset of hip dysplasia in dogs? The answer to this can be narrowed down into 3 points:
1. Nutrition - The nutritional value of your dogs’ food intake will determine whether they are receiving the vitamins and minerals they need to develop and maintain strong, functioning joints.
2. Weight - An overweight or obese dog will have added strain on their joints. This is a huge factor in the prevention of dysplasia, especially in older dogs.
3. Lifestyle - This refers to the daily exercise your dog does as well as the rest periods they receive. At all stages of a dog’s life they should be getting a certain amount of quality exercise ’ the amount is dependent on size and age.

Dogs, like humans, need to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain a properly functioning body. Eating bad food, being overweight, not exercising or not getting enough rest will ultimately lead to “dis-ease“. It’s quite simple really! Being a responsible pet owner sometimes means showing some tough love, as we must show ourselves. We know that a bowl of ice-cream every night will eventually make us gain weight, as will feeding your dog ’“human-food-treats“. Just like us finding 30 minutes a day to exercise keeps our body functioning properly, being taken for 2 runs/walks a day will keep your dog’s muscles and joints working as they should. As important as controlling the above factors are, sometimes a little extra help is needed for those pre-disposed breeds. This helps comes in the form of Kingly Pet’s dog health supplement.

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