All Natural Deer Antlers for Dog

Antler Dog Chews - 100% Natural Treat!

antler-dog-chewsDeer antler chews; dogs love them! More than just your average bone, deer antlers are loaded with essential minerals, lipids, proteins and amino acids. They last longer, smell less and offer your dog a natural supplement boost! It’s easy to see why more and more pet owners are sourcing deer antler chews for their dog.

Antler dog chews come from male deer that incredibly grow a set of antlers in the lead up to every mating season. Amazingly deer are the only mammal in the world that can do this. This is why their antlers are so rich in naturally forming minerals, lipids, proteins and amino acids, which are naturally formed in all mammals but at a much lesser rate. Earning deer the title of “majestic“ or “kingly“ animals and the reason why their antlers have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years.

During the growth process the male’s antlers start off soft and velvety, then gradually calcify and become harder as they reach their peak growth. Deer antlers for dogs are hard calcified antlers that will take your dog days to chew through. Great for puppies and certain breeds that have an inclination to chew! Because of their high level of calcium, dog antler chews are far less likely to splinter and chip like traditional bones, making them a safe and mess free option.

Chewing deer antlers not only supplements your dogs diet but also keeps their gums healthy and strengthens their teeth, not to mention keeps them busy for hours. Dogs need stimulation; deer antler chews offer a great tasting healthy treat that keeps their teeth clean and their mind and mouth active. But the benefit of deer antlers for dogs doesn’t stop at a tasty treat“¦!

Deer antlers are also used to create a natural all-round health supplement for dogs. Available in tablet form, even fussy dogs line up to gobble these down. The results we have seen at Kingly Pet have been more than amazing! Our deer antler pet supplement has seen dogs bounce back from arthritis, canine hip dysplasia, and broken limbs, help puppies form strong bones, muscles and joints in their vital years, to ward off injury and illness later in life, and the oldies are not forgotten either; maintain stamina, joint movement and quality of life.

deer-antlers-for-dogsAntler dog chews and deer antler health supplements are marking their place on the pet market. Making their beginnings in holistic clinics, now deer antler products are flying off our website and the shelves of even the most commercial retailers. There are two reasons for this; for starters dogs actually want to consume the products, even the tablets! There is no more stress on owners to hide their dog’s tablets in their food or shove them down their throat. And second, the benefits of deer antler products are seen almost immediately. Kingly Pet customers have reported positive results in as little as 10 days.

You can keep your dog fighting fit, healthy and happy with the combination of deer antler chews and Kingly Pet’s natural supplement.

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