Is Giving Your Dog Tablets a Nightmare?

Advice And Tips For Desperate Dog Owners.

Every dog is different and will approach chewing or swallowing a tablet differently - I dare say if you're reading this article you've landed one of the fussy ones! Never fear, I have a little psychology to offer you, with some tried and tested tricks that (fingers crossed) will work for you.

Let's start from the top...

Why Some Dogs Are Completely Put Off Tablets?

- Dogs are very sensory creatures with an uncanny memory of how certain experiences made them feel. So if your pooch was ill, visiting the vet frequently, having to wear wound dressing or the like and/or being given other medications the first time you introduced tablets to them, then they may be associating tablets with the pain, fear and discomfort they experienced in the past.
- Another reason could be linked to a chocking experience your dog has had in the past, making them reluctant to swallow/chew a foreign object.
- They smell bad! Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, so if the tablets you are trying to give them have an unpleasant odour (which could be undetectable to our nose), then why would they eat them?
- Lastly they are a fussy little princess or prince and that tablet right there, will certainly not do!

How Do I Get Around This?

My number one trick.... get out the garlic crusher! Or alternately you can use a mortar and pestle, either way the goal is to turn the tablet into powder that you can mixing into their favourite treat food - no visual tablet, no memories of bad experiences, no fear of choking - bonza!
I would suggest using tuna, which smells oh-so-horrible and will probably over ride any other off putting smells or tastes of the tablet.

What’s Our Experience With Kingly Pet?

Our tablets smell slightly 'meaty' meaning dogs LOVE the smell. Tinkerbell (Kim's mum's miniature foxy) runs over to eat hers like a lolly - whole! Mac (James' mum's golden retriever) has a tea spoon mixed into his dinner - Mac is a tablet hater, but when its ground and mixed into his food he's a massive Kingly Pet fan. Valentino (James and Kim's kitten) has his Kingly Pet (yes the dogs one) mixed into his wet food because his mouth is too small to munch on a tablet. Bella (happy customers golden retriever x poodle) has a whole tablets put on top of her dinner, delicious garnish!
However dogs (and cats) prefer to have their Kingly Pet, they're all lining up for it and most importantly see real benefits!

We wish you all the best with getting your canine to take their tablets! Kingly Pet