Kingly Pet for Canine Skin Health

A Natural Treatment For Dermatitis in Dogs.

Who would have known our canine deer velvet supplement would help dogs to banish their irritable skin conditions? We certainly didn't!

Here is the story of Bella a golden retriever x poodle from the Gold Coast, who enlightened James and I to the exciting result our Kingly Pet health supplement had on her...
Bella is big, bouncy and ever so soft and cuddly, her beautiful coat and nature are thanks to her cross breed - she sports thick golden ringlets that mean 2 things - 1. knots and 2. a hot Bella in the summer months.

The nature of Bella's coat combined with an undefined allergy (her owners believe to grass and grass seeds) lead to Bella developing a bad case of dog dermatitis around her nose and in-between the pads of her paws. Bella's way of dealing with this irritation was to lick, lick, lick! This left poor Bella unable to walk due to ripping the pads off her paws from excessive licking - her owner's resorted to tapping socks to her feet and anti-histamine tablets. In addition Bella lost the pigmentation on her nose, turning it pink as the black outer layers of skin peeled away. (Doesn't sound nice right!)

Bella's owners came across Kingly Pet when looking for a supplement to help with the occasional limp Bella had after lengthy walks. Not only did Bella's limp subside, so did her dermatitis! Bella stopped licking her paws and the skin around her nose began to heal - in time it was back to being a healthy black nose. So far this summer Bella has not had to take any anti-histamines and no sign of a flaky rash in sight!  (Brilliant!)

James and I were thrilled to hear the news from her owners who were just as surprised and happy. Our human deer velvet supplement Kingly Velvet has reduced the severity and completely cleared psoriasis for a number of our customers, so working to clear dermatitis on our furry friends isn't really that surprising after all.

Bella's story demonstrates the holistic healing powers of deer velvet, which works on correcting and supporting healthy bodily functions in humans and canines alike. Dermatitis and psoriasis are both auto-immune diseases that affect many people (and dogs!), causing as their diagnosis suggests; dis-ease.

So I am thrilled to say to all those people out there suffering from or know someone who is suffering from either dermatitis or psoriasis or have a pet who is suffering similarly, please drop us a line, check out our websites and start on the track to better skin health and over-all wellbeing today!

Kindly, Kim and James - the Kingly Couple :)