Dog Adoption

Are You Looking at Buy a Dog? Have You Considered Adoption?

Here at Kingly Pet we are all about dogs - we love 'em. And there is nothing that we support more than helping a dog need - especially by adopting one!

The idea of adopting a dog has come into focus for us recently as we're looking to extend our little family canine style. A friend put us on to a great website where you can find listings for all animals up for adoption Australia wide.

James and I feel adoption is the only route for us for a number of reasons that are close to our heart, and I wanted to share those with you so that when considering your next canine friend, you too can see the benefits of adoption...
- The money you spend purchasing your doggy goes to the shelter that rescue's and home's many little souls in need. So really you are making a donation that can affect many lives for the better.
- Animal rescue centres are (generally) non-for-profit organisations run by hard working dedicated individuals who think of the animals before they think of themselves. Now that's something I want to get behind!
- Your dog-to-be is full of love waiting patiently for the family that will love them in return.
- Shelters get in all sorts of breeds and cross-breeds, meaning you could get lucky and find an expensive breed of dog at a much cheaper price.
- Dogs of all ages need homes too! When you're not a pup anymore or a little over the hill you've still got love and cuddles to give and would hate to be over-looked, so don't over-look the oldies, sometimes they make the best companions! An older dog won't (in most cases) need toilet training, walking manners, house manners, command training etc... So many are suitable for elderly people, young families or those people who would rather skip the puppy stage and move straight to an adult dog.
- All dogs up for adoption have been de-sexed, vaccinated, wormed and had an all over health check by a vet which is all included in their purchase price, which makes adoption a much cheaper option.
- And best of all you leave with your new bundle of joy knowing that not only did you get what you wanted you also did a good thing at the same time. Yay for good people!

My heart goes out to animals in need - it is generally though human's disgusting habits that they are in the positions they are in. And if I could I would take them all and love them their whole lives - however that would be impossible, very loud and probably too smelly. So if at least every second person (with a good heart) adopts a dog from a shelter, then one doggy life at a time, a big difference will be made. And inadvertently I hope a message will be sent to horrid breeders (not the legitimate one's, just the careless money hungry one's) that their market is narrowing because purchases are become conscience about their choices.

Hands up for canine adoption! :)