Valentino - Part Two

He Is Getting Closer!

Hi Team - so much has been happening since my last update. We have had Valley for 17 days now and OMG James and I just want to pat him sssooooo bad! But no, little Mr's just not there yet.Valentino2

However the exciting news is Valley now has his own scratching post and cat cave. He loves the scratching post - it is the scene for most of his playful antics, he hangs upside down from the platforms, springs from one level to the next and thinks the fake mouse that dangles from the string is the best thing ever! (In fact he's torn it from the string and carries it around the house with him.)

Valentino still spends most of his days asleep under our bed but has progressively been coming out earlier every night and staying up later every morning. And today for the first time, Val came out around 9am to see what we were up to. I was so thrilled I grab some chicken and feed him his favourite treat to reinforce we want his company in the daytime too!!

In other fantastic news, Valentino fits in perfectly with our little family in the sense that he loves to eat! We have been crushing a Kingly Pet deer velvet tablet over his wet food which is - within half an hour of him rising in the evening - demolished! We actually spent a little bit of time last night googling how much a 6 month old kitten should eat.... In conclusion we feed him another bowl of wet food which he happily gobbled!

Plus we googled how big he will grow... As we don't know his exact age or what breed or mix of breeds he is, we don't know how big he will get? I'm picking he will double in size, James keeps changing his mind - one minute Val is huge for his age the next minute he's a tiny baby... ha! I guess only time will tell.

However all this said we are over the moon to have such a handsome kitty to call ours. Even though he's not sitting on the couch with us, he is sitting under the reading chair only a meter away watching us. And I can tell by the way he tilts his head and winks he's eyes, he's saying "I love you too Mum and Dad."