Valentino - Our Boy

A Little Bit About Our New Man

James and I would like to introduce to you our new Kingly Pet family member ’ Valentino. Valley as we call him for short came to us after spending the first 6 months of his life at Homeless Hounds Animal Rescue in Geelong Victoria. His amazing foster mum Meryll warned us Valley has a temperament like no cat she has cared for before“¦We are up for the challenge!Valentino1

It was important to James and I to adopt our feline from a rescue shelter ’ we wanted to give a loving home to a deserving life while supporting the amazing people that dedicate their time to saving dogs and cats in need. We saw our adopt fee more as a donation and were happy to know our cash would contribute to helping the lives of other little kitty’s. If adoption sounds like something you might be interested in we recommend using as your starting point. 

Day 1
After an hour’s trip in the car Valentino spent his first day hiding under the desk in our living room. Lying on the ground just near the desk I admired his darling little face ’ this guy is our responsibility I thought and my heart burst with love. We don’t really even know each other yet and I already know I would do anything for him“¦

So I set about making him a bed out of a cardboard box and happily gave up my favourite knitted blanket. I also made a toy from string where I attached a patty pan at one end... I can’t wait to go shopping and buy Valley heaps of really cute accessories!!!

Now the waiting game“¦ I hope he comes out soon.

Day 2
Valley’s new hiding spot is under the couch, it gives him a much better vantage point of our goings on. James and I lie on the ground and talk to our furry little baby, we tell him it’s safe to come out and that we will look after him really well. No movement.

That night James went out to play basketball and I was washing my hair in the shower, Valley saw his opportunity! He left a trail of paw impressions through the linen closet and over the bed, and OH NO WHAT IS THAT SMELL! Urinated on James gym shorts, lucky I’m home to clean up the mess! 

That night we didn’t get much sleep - Mr Valentino had found his stride in the confidence of the moon light and was on a mission to explore his new house. And bless him but by no means is he stealthy! We were studied from close proximity of our bedside dresser then a comfortable spot was found between my legs after much prodding and achoooow! Bless you Valley ’ we as under the impression our Kitty may be allergic to something because a number of ever-so-cute sneezers woke us up at different stage throughout the night. I wonder if this night time exploring will become a pattern?

Day 3
Hooray ’ another wee, this time in the litter tray, good boy! But our excitement is short lived when we discover none of his food has been eaten ’ he’s gotta be hungry!

Just after dinner James and I are working on our laptops when little Mr ventures out. We decide this is our queue to go to bed and give him free range of the house. And yes a pattern is emerging ’ Valentino is nocturnal!

Day 4
Positives all round this morning ’ not only has he done number 2’s  in the litter tray but all his food is gone ’ kitten biscuits, chicken mince and chicken breast but he left the chorizo“¦ Yes we are spoiling him! Awesome!

Next step is to grace us with his presence during day light hours, come on Valley!

Stay tuned for more Valentino updates in the coming week.
Thanks for reading ’ Kim