DJD 101: Managing Your Dog's Degenerative Joint Disease

Could Your Dog Have DJD?

degenerative joint disease treatmentDegenerative joint disease, or DJD for short, is when the cartilage around your dog’s joints progressively deteriorates and causes joint pain and immobility.  The deterioration of cartilage means the bones in the joint begin to rub against each other causing inflammation, bone spurs and compressed nerves.

The best way to treat DJD in canines is to promote cartilage repair, increase joint mobility and strengthen the muscles around the joint. This is where we are Kingly Pet know we can help! Our canine supplement is ideal for supporting dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease because we use the only natural renewable source of glucosamine and chondroitin in the world ’ deer antler velvet.

Our patented deer velvet contains over 390 naturally forming ingredients, with the 3 most important ingredients that support dog’s with DJD being“¦

    • Glucosamine ’ Supports the structure, growth, repair and function of joints and cartilage. Assist your dogs’ joint inflammation and joint pain.
    • Chondroitin - Draws nutrients and water into the cartilage, keeping your dogs’ joints and bones spongy and healthy.
    • Omega 3 and 6 ’ An anti-inflammatory agent and joint lubricant. A perfect hip dysplasia and arthritis support.


Some Of The Naturally Forming Ingredients Are“¦

  • Amino Acids ’ Essential building blocks of proteins and enzymes. Your dogs’ growth and recovery and general heath counts on intake of the 20 essential amino acids found in Kingly Pet.
  • Calcium ’ Is the foundation for bone growth and healthy teeth in your dog.
  • Iron ’ Assist in the transporting of oxygen in the blood cells. Iron is hugely important to your dogs’ general, day-to-day health.
  • Protein ’ The main structural component in cells and the building block for tissue growth, muscle repair and recovery. Protein is another essential ingredient for your dogs’ health!

The reason why Kingly Pet is the world number one natural canine health supplement is because of all the amazing ingredients that are found in our deer antler velvet. The benefits your dog will see will go beyond reduced symptoms of DJD ’ check out our testimonials page to see how we have helped canines all around the world.
As nasty as DJD sounds it can be managed. The key is to notice the signs as early as possible, as degenerative joint disease is gradual, early treatment will reduce the severity of the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.

Signs To Look Out For“¦

Degenerative Joint Disease-    Reluctance to walking and physical activities
-    Occasional limping or lameness
-    Swelling or stiffness of a joint
-    Difficulty sitting up from a resting position
-    Yelping in pain
An increase in severity of these symptoms will occur in the morning or during cold weather.

Depending on the severity of DJD your dog is suffering from, other diseases that may be present, their age and the size of your wallet - will determine whether they are a candidate for surgical reconstruction, replacement of the joint or fusion of the joint. However surgery is always a last option and prevention, followed by maintenance are the recommended approaches.

All dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease will benefit from Kingly Pet’s anti-inflammatory supplement, regardless of what stage of DJD they are at. Kingly Pet offers a wide range of benefits that will assist your dog regardless of its condition.


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