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Kingly Pet - The Product And The Brothers

Sean and James started Kingly Pet mid 2012 after the launch of its sister company Kingly Velvet. Post Kingly Velvet and after a bit of research and some field trials, Sean and James knew it was the next step.
Mac“We had trialled deer velvet on our dog Mac who has hip dysplasia and is slowing down with old age. We had re-homed poor old Mac 17kg overweight and in need for a good run..... It took time and effort, but we slowly got Macs weight down to where he needed to be, unfortunately during this time we knew that weight alone was not enough and had confirmed he was suffer from hip dysplasia. We knew a few things had to change, but didn’t know deer velvet would become one of these key changes for him........This product changed his life, it was that simple“ James says
You can read more here about Kim and James’ story


The Amazing Product -

Kingly Pet is the only 100% natural, renewable source of glucosamine and chondroitin and is the only 100% natural, renewable canine health supplement in the world!

Kingly Pet is a holistic canine health supplement that will help your pet rebuild joint cartilage, improve muscle efficiency, improve circulation, increase energy levels, assist bone growth, relieve symptoms of arthritis, lubricate joints, promote tissue healing, repair cells and promote resistance to disease and injury.

96% of our customers say they see positive results in their pet after just 10 days! And we are so confident in our product that we offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, so now you can buy with the same confidence we have.

Our products are 100% natural, tasty, easily digestible and palatable tablets. Gone are days of trying to hide synthetic pills in your dogs food, or using a syringe to administer their health supplement. Your dog will love the taste of Kingly Pet, and you will love the results!

Kingly products are based around a 2,000 year old Chinese health supplement called deer antler velvet. Deer antler velvet has been one of the most prized tonics in China for the past two centuries and is now available for your pets!
With over 390 active ingredients deer antler velvet is considered one of the most unique and beneficial health supplements in the world today.

Just Some Of The 390 Ingredients Include:

  • Glucosamine ’ Supports the structure, growth, repair and function of joints and cartilage. Assist your dogs’ joint inflammation and joint pain.
  • Chondroitin - Draws nutrients and water into the cartilage, keeping your dogs’ joints and bones spongy and healthy.
  • Omega 3 and 6 ’ An anti-inflammatory agent and joint lubricant. A perfect hip dysplasia and arthritis support.
  • Amino Acids ’ Essential building blocks of proteins and enzymes. Your dogs’ growth and recovery and general heath counts on intake of the 20 essential amino acids found in Kingly Pet.
  • Calcium ’ Is the foundation for bone growth and healthy teeth in your dog.
  • Iron ’ Assist in the transporting of oxygen in the blood cells. Iron is hugely important to your dogs’ general, day-to-day health.
  • Protein ’ The main structural component in cells and the building block for tissue growth, muscle repair and recovery. Protein is another essential ingredient for your dogs’ health!

Happy Dog In FieldOur goal at Kingly Pet is to provide you the most natural alternative to synthetic canine health supplements currently supplied by your vet. Remove the need to harm your dog with overpriced synthetic products and replace it with the most natural product in the world, Kingly Pet deer antler velvet.

Kingly products are made to the highest standards using the best quality products sourced in one of the greenest countries in the world, New Zealand.

So don’t wait any longer, take advantage of the most natural canine health supplement in the world today!

Risk Free Canine Health Supplement

If you need to hear more about how well Kingly Pet works, take a look at just a few of the fantastic testimonials we have received from our happy customers ’ Testimonials