Support For Arthritis in Dogs

Kingly Pet 100% Natural Dog Arthritis Treatment

Dog-ArthritisArthritis in dogs has to be one of the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to your beloved friends! Unfortunately arthritis does not discriminate and dog arthritis is more prevalent today than it has ever been! It has been documented that 1 in 5 dogs get arthritis at some point in their lives.

Arthritis in dogs can be eased with Kingly Pet products naturally, as we have the only 100% renewable dog arthritis treatment in the world - and it works!
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Facts About Arthritis In Dogs

How Do You Know Your Dog Might Have Arthritis?

  • Favouring a limb ’ If you see your dog limping or favouring one side, it could be sign of something developing.
  • Difficulty sitting or standing ’ You will see your dog circling more before finding their spot to sit. When trying stand they will generally favour their front legs as a method to pull themselves up.
  • Sleeping more than usual ’ Your dog may start sleeping more than usual as a way to keep off the sore area of their body.
  • Hesitant to run, jump or climb ’ Your dog may be hesitant to run, jump or climb where they used to be fine. This is the way they prevent inflaming or irritating their sore joints.
  • Stiff or sore joints ’ This is generally the reason you will see all the above signs. Remember dogs hide pain better than humans, so if you see any of these signs it is time to take action!

How Can You Help?

  • Early diagnosis and treatment ’ The easiest way to diagnose your dog is to be aware of the signs above. If you see any changes in your dog, you must take action immediate!
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and diet ’ This is so important! If your dog is overweight they are putting more pressure on their joints and bones. Although we love them and want to give them everything, feeding your dog the wrong diet is killing them! Humans know the difference between good and bad food and have a choice, dogs don’t! It is up to YOU to make those choices for them.
  • Light exercise ’ If there are signs of pain in your dog, exercise is still very important. It can be as little as a walk round the block once a day. This will help loosen stiff joints and will keep their weight down. Dogs need a good diet and lots of exercise, so get out there and give them some fresh air today!
  • Supplements for assistance ’ That is where we come in. Supplements are hugely important for supporting your dog long-term. Kingly Pet believe it is important to give your dog 100% natural supplements to keep them in the best health you can.

100% Natural, Renewable Dog Arthritis Supplement

Arthritis in dogsKingly Pet is the only 100% natural, renewable dog arthritis supplement in the world and it works wonders! 96% of our customer’s say they see positive results in their pet after just 10 days!

All Kingly Pet products use New Zealand deer antler velvet. Deer antler velvet is the most natural and effective supplement for dog arthritis in the world!
Deer antler velvet has been used for 2,000 years, is the only natural, renewable source of glucosamine and chondroitin in the world and contains over 390 active ingredients.

If you think your dog has arthritis you should act today to give them the best opportunity at a normal life! Take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee and give your beloved dog the opportunity for a better life.